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Upskilling in the Times of the Pandemic

Meghna Dutta, Associate

The Covid-19 pandemic across the country has made all organisations reset and review the way they work. At Epistle Communications, we are using this time to step back and evaluate our strategy while delivering quality work in the stipulated deadlines. While keeping our team motivated, we hope to upskill ourselves our team to perform bigger and better, raising the bar every passing day.

This has fueled an upskilling drive in a lot of us and we are using the many tools readily available today to enhance our skill sets. Here’s what we can do to utilise our free hours more effectively.

Online Courses: Online courses have become more popular than ever and websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Edx, etc. are great places to learn new skills across domains. They have some excellent digital marketing and communications courses, at the completion of which you also receive a certificate which adds immense value to your existing skill sets. Content is at the heart of what we do at our agency and these websites also have some good courses to help you learn to write and communicate content better. Not only can you learn to simply write better, you can also learn how to market that content more effectively to reach your target audience. Online courses are not only budget-friendly but also very flexible in terms of when you want to complete them ergo- you have the flexibility to do them at your own time and pace.

Online Videos and Tutorials: There is a host of videos available online that can help you improve on an existing skill or develop a new one. TED is a wonderful platform to educate yourself the nuances of the industry or topic that you are interested in, ranging from architecture to design. This is a great way to deep-dive into an area of interest. For those of us interested in learning a new language, this is a fantastic time and Duolingo should be your go-to for the same!

These are in perfect harmony with a full-time job and during the current situation when we have a lot of extra time on our hands, they are perfect to upskill yourself and leap right back to your regular work life, only with more skills up your sleeve!

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