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The Un-imagined Time

Parul Kapur, Senior Communications Manager

It’s that un-imagined time of your life, where one takes out the wish list that you have been scribbling down on an untouched note pad. You never thought of it, but the time for that wish list is now here in the most unprecedented manner. At Epistle, while we support and facilitate art and design and discourse within the design community; design for us holds more meaning than just architecture and interiors. The #21daysoflockdown is a time for me (and you) to explore 21 days of self-discovery and #designmylife. Most often, we take a break from work to travel and indulge in ourselves. The situation today has posed to us an opportunity to use this time to explore how we work and collaborate digitally, while identifying the use of our new found personal time. What do we spend this time doing? While exploring personal goals, digital opportunities have opened a new canvas for all of us. Utilizing my daily time saved from travel, I am now using Google Hangouts and Zoom not just for work-related meetings, but to also conduct virtual dance fitness classes for people across the globe. As a fitness and dance expert, I have decided to use my time to share my knowledge, and bring back the fitness routine into people’s lives while they are stranded in their homes. It’s time to use the innumerable tools available online to upgrade our skills – writing courses, art courses, cooking, digital courses (increase that brand presence online now!) – it is Time to get back to a Passion or that activity you have been procrastinating since forever. The World Wide Web is huge and has immense potential for you to re-design your habits and lifestyle- essentially the way we live. I am re-designing my life – it’s no more just home – work – gym – home. With limited interruptions and saving time on work and travel – I am investing time in family, friends, passions and learnings. This lockdown is helping me pace myself, allowing me to be more creative and think out of the box. It’s keeping me in my comfort zone and yet challenging me. And I just finished my first blog! Case and Point! #besafe I believe we will all come out of this lockdown with some positivity, valuing finer things in life and with skills we never knew we had!

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