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Rethinking the Design of our Dwellings

Rhea Lungani, Senior Communications Manager

As the world today stands at a still with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) that has forced economies in an indefinite global lockdown, we watch this pandemic unfold with a rather helpless stance and no news of any respite from the suffering. All sectors, irrespective of their scale and size, private or public, are gasping for ways to cope for their survival. As the scourge compels us to retreat to our homes and businesses come to a halt, talks of the inevitable recession have surfaced. However, as we are constantly discussing how the virus affects businesses, the way we work and the changing dynamics of the work culture with ‘work from home’ being adopted rapidly among corporate establishments and start-ups, we must also ponder and bring insights to underlying questions about the way we live and the design of our homes to adapt to extraordinary conditions such as the one that we are facing today. We must give thought to the design of our dwellings as spaces of live and work, as the lines between both the realms blur and living undergoes constant evolution. As we look at the larger picture, the bigger and more significant theme that emerges is whether we need to rethink the design of some of the most densely populated cities to curb contact to adhere to social distancing and remote working being a fundamental part of it. With rapid development of cities and a continued segregation of the ‘live’ and ‘work’ sectors, does urban design and housing need to be relooked at?

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