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Physical Spaces Transcending into Emotional in Times of the Pandemic

Madhav Handa, Design Manager

Uncertain of the road ahead amidst the continued presence of COVID-19 and the threat of an even larger pandemic engulfing the very existence of humans, all of us are trying to make the best out of a rough situation which, for once is not discriminating between the privileged and the underprivileged.

While the ones noticed are the quarantined chefs, in house gym lovers, interior designers, bakers, the unnoticed remain the ones who cease to speak, to bring their concerns forward, who do not or cannot choose to make their houses, a home. What intervenes is either their inability to count on that space or the failed relationship between the one residing and the supposed safe place.

Although in the midst of all this a new perception has materialized in the psyche of humans - the persona of our homes, where we are catering to its needs as that of a mother caring for her long-lost child. As the opportunity to manage our homes and focus on its minimal needs becomes an essential peripheral of our daily lives, we must give a thought to the people scraping for their everyday needs and suffering to stoke the fire of their inspiration amidst the lockdown enforced on their daily escapes from the walls which are the reason of their suffering. The line of divide between the privileged and underprivileged is quite clear in India, especially when considering the disparity of the four walls that the two sections reside in. The recent unavoidable restrictions imposed throughout the nation is resulting in an inability for the underprivileged to emerge from the suffocating vacuum of their homes - the outer world representing an escape for their emotionally abusive households.

We have long been a witness of the emotional damage sustained when enforced with a restrictive environment, we must learn from our faults and remember while social distancing is the best way to #StopTheSpread, we should not cause a rift in the dynamics of the functioning of a major section of our country during this phase.

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