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How to Stay Connected to your Clients & Customers Amidst COVID-19

Koyal Jain, Senior Design Manager

As we hold on to hope amidst the distressing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and outreach of businesses have taken a hit. How do we stay connected with our clients and audiences in these times? Is there one standard message that goes out- or empathy takes precedence? While there is no universal solution, here are a few thumb rules that one can follow to ensure efficient communication.

Sharing personal experiences:

While the standard COVID-19 advisories and emails have been sent out by most companies, it is imperative, in times like these, to establish a personal connect. Share your experiences of working from home, how you utilize your day, how you are staying connected with your team, etc. This ascertains a sense of trust in your audience. Also, everyone is grappling with individual personal situations as well, it is crucial to be empathetic, whilst running the usual business as well.

Reevaluate your content strategy:

While businesses have to sustain, it is rather insensitive to keep rolling out content as usual. Messages and digital content that reach out to a significant audience must pertain to the current state of affairs. Share content relevant to your business, but align it with the ongoing developments. For e.g. an architect or designer may talk about design innovations for the COVID-19 crisis, or food for the poor for a hospitality brand. Focus on your target audience, and customize content accordingly.

Go all-out:

Now that you know what type of content you need to create, invest considerable time and energy in sharing this content across various platforms and via various channels. Create newsletters, write blogs, post on relevant social media platforms – and amplify your frequency while doing so since digital is a crucial platform in these times.

Use technology (effectively):

Various platforms can connect you with anyone across the globe, virtually, at an instant. While you have always offered email/phone call/text support to your client, assure them of your services and presence by staying connected via video conferencing tools and platforms. Let them feel and experience your brand, even whilst you are physically not connected.

Trying times for all, let us make the most out of this difficult situation and ensure that the content we share is responsible, meaningful, and pertinent.

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