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Enabling Better Time Management While Working from Home

Shivanjali Chaudhury, Senior Communications Manager

Staying in Kolkata, I have been managing operations in that part of the country for Epistle, away from the main office in Delhi. As a one-man team in the city, I have been working from home for quite some time now. In the few months’ that I have been doing this, it has been highly productive for me and I also enjoy the quiet environment at home without the distractions of an office space. In the current lockdown situation due to COVID19, when most of us are working from home, I have put down some tips on how to manage our time well.

When I started working from home, it was essential for me to create an effective workspace that would enable me to get on with my tasks for the day. One of the most constructive ways to enable better time management has always been dividing my day in three halves and allotting my tasks in these parts of the day accordingly. Since it is easier to get distracted while working from home, I create a task list at the beginning of the day according to my priority, and allot certain number of hours to each task. Keeping this time tab also helps me evaluate that hour of the day when I am most productive and thus helps me carry out more complex jobs during that time. I like to start my days early in the morning and for me the most productive time is usually at the beginning of my day and then again at about 3pm in the afternoon. This practice has helped me meet my deadlines without much difficulty till now.

Although working from home has its perks, but it does have its fair share of challenges. This practice sometimes gets monotonous and sometimes I lose focus and even miss the team celebrations and parties. However, with my lovely team of co-workers who communicate with me through the day- my boring days go away quickly!

So go ahead- and make that list and schedule now- It’s all about the list!

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