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Digital in the times of Distress

Avneet Lobana, Digital Marketing Consultant

The COVID 19 Pandemic has pushed brands and design firms to re-evaluate their digital marketing strategies and how they are approaching brand building exercises online. While most companies are devoting time and resources to streamline the WHM processes and leverage technology to communicate and collaborate better, we bring to you the do’s and don'ts to better handle your brand, digitally: Continue with Organic Marketing on Social Channels/Social Media Presence: Most brands and companies are witnessing an increase in organic impressions, reach and traffic on their social media profiles and handles- given more eyeballs at home! This would also result in more traffic to your website and mobile app- especially when organic search traffic is being compromised. Invest in Paid Marketing if your business is an “essential” category product/service provider: While businesses in the essential service industry can benefit with lower bids and increased Returns on Ad Spends (ROAs) at a time link this, we do not suggest to invest paid marketing if your company or brand is engaged in the provision of non essential products/services- given the focus of consumers today. Use E-mail Marketing to continue to share updates about your brand and build recall: It is insensitive and unempathetic for brands to continue to hard sel now, however a consistent brand message rolled out as part of monthly newsletter services, can be expected to create value with your customers, build brand loyalty and bring in returns when the time is right. Invest in Organic Search Engine Optimisation: Though impressions may decrease on branded keywords, rankings will remain stable as per most Console Reports- pointing the drop solely to the pandemic. Hence, it’s wise that to continue investing in Search Engine Optimisation to counter for the drop in searches as well as maintain rankings Limit Site functionality and changes to your brand by updating all online channels including your website (for hours, operations that may have changed) and reflecting the change in Google My Business Listings- the local SEO for your brand. This would also be an appropriate time to do a hygiene check on all online portals as well as invest some more time in spending sometime with insights and analytics that power your business ahead. Lastly, as creators, influencers, media owners, brands and community groups- it is most essential for all of us to come together and create communication that is empowering, inspiring, educational and fact-based and brings about public activation related to the virus. Let’s remember that while no one can do everything- everyone can do something.

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