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A Work from Home Revolution: The Beginning and the Future!

Sana Jhamb, Associate

Research indicates that in a five-day workweek, working remotely for two to three days is the most productive. At #EpistleCommunications, our associates have been following the one-day #WorkFromHome policy for a while now to enable flexibility and avoid commute time to increase productivity. And we have organized a campaign for the ongoing 21-days under which the lockdown measures have been enforced, where we hope to develop processes that can help sustain the smooth workflow of businesses. Working remotely has become a compulsion for many and a lifeline for most businesses, many businesses that had previously never operated this way have been left with no choice but to set up a new policy framework and update existing ones to be compatible with a new way of working after the recent 21-day lockdown measures have been enforced. These new tools and processes will not dissolve with the end of this crisis but are likely to merge with regular work frameworks as businesses have now been allowed to test them during this phase. To keep operations running smoothly, communication with the team will have to be prioritized and cranked up to plan daily workflow. Staying committed to deliverables and deadlines is essential to stay focused, whilst establishing rules and boundaries to keep work and personal life separate and boost productivity will play a crucial role. Combining these tools with a regular schedule might be the way the balance tips. With this view in mind, the future of business is likely to change.

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