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As a strategic PR firm that helps design houses BeKnown©, we define #marketing as a comprehensive activity that encompasses compiling, sorting and strategically curating content to make it ready for outreach. We strategically reach out to media houses with content, most of which are extremely personal and customized according to the brand, project and the target market segment.

Positioning your brand appropriately in the market is of prime focus; built on industry knowledge, business inputs and development, this helps a business in targeting the right segment of customers, thus adopting the right outreach strategy. #BrandDevelopment and #positioning form the pivotal portion of #marketing that comes prior to outreach!

Online ways of reaching out involves a multitude of activities like #Digital_Marketing, #Social_Media_Marketing, #Online_Promotions, #Websites, #Online_Submission_Portals, #Newsletters, and #Periodic_Emailers! A pre-decided and customized combination of all these activities serves as the perfect online marketing plan for your organization. We place brands on a multitude of reputed national and international online portals, ensuring a contextual visibility.

#Offline_Marketing involves traditional #trade and #mainsteam#print_mediums, #word_of_mouth, #telephonic_conversation, #branding_collaterals, #brochures and #handouts as the means of reaching out. Considered to be classic, offline and print mediums of #marketing and #outreach will never run out of fashion! Having active connections with the top print mediums worldwide, we strategically place brands in a variety of features as and when the tide is, ensuring optimum coverage.

An active drive of #Promotional_Activities are core to any #marketing_campaign. Promotions like #award_functions, #panel_discussions, #keynotes and #speaking_opportunities in various #events, #conventions, #open_houses and #festivals serve as the perfect kernel to core #marketing activities.

#Compendiums serve as an enriched source of information for the design fraternity. A collection of detailed information about a similar typology of portfolios in a concise and composed manner, presented as a #publicationhelps us to #talk_about-_architecture in an organized manner, all the while giving the participating designs their necessary visibility, thus placing them in the right market segment.

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