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V for Value Addition

Your Value as a practice is determined by the value you contribute to those around you – your audience, your community, your culture Focus on Expertise: what are your skills, and how have you applied them to demonstrate excellence?

While anybody can generate and push content, loyal, long-standing audiences can only be attracted through worthwhile ideas – through thoughtfulness and Value that stand apart on noisy news feeds.

While building the #BrandValue of a practice takes years, it must start with

#Definition: Offer a glimpse into your work – let people remember you by the best of what you have accomplished!

#Engagement: Converse, don’t just talk – address topics that pertain to your audience’s lives and demonstrate how you can offer solutions

#Demonstration: Document the raw side of design – the challenges, the brainstorming, and the search for solutions. Let your audience in on your process!

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