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I for Innovation

There’s certainly no good checklist for innovation, because by its very nature it should surprise us. Groundbreaking design defies our sense of what can and should be done. It exposes the intrinsic power of technology. It reminds us of the profound nature of invention: our very human need to create. And ultimately, good design should make life more beautiful. - Mark Rolston, founder of argodesign

Reasons to embrace the changing tide and Innovate!

Global Competition

With national boundaries dissolving, companies all around the world have global access. The need of the hour is innovation, to attract customers and open new markets. The rapidly changing global market is an opportunity one who adapts and innovates.

Increasing Consumer Expectation

The modern consumer is more informed and empowered, due to the growing speed and choices in our digitized world. Increasing consumer expectations are therefore facilitating the need to become more consumer-centric; therefore, Innovation facilitates content dissemination, and promotes visibility, and bridges the gap in internal and external communications.

Distinguishing One’s Identity

In today’s plethora of information overload, both online and offline, finding domain-specific news becomes a challenge. Moreover, in an era, where magazines, e-zines, blogs and newsletters are increasing in numbers by the day, the real challenge is to distinguish one’s identity from being primarily market-driven to being- authentic, meaningful and genuinely adding value.

To Encourage Dialogue and Discourse

With the intent of reaching out to a larger audience, engaging in discourse and promoting a dialogue in order to communicate- Innovation is crucial.

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