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There are billions of brands in the world, all vying for the public's attention and business. Amidst this tough competition, it is crucial for brands to stand out and make themselves heard. One way of doing this is to connect with existing or new clients through news. Success stories, recent developments, new publications all of these make for great news. Sharing news effectively helps in creating a brand recall and awareness.

People are now steering away from traditional means of news and exploring new sources – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes to get their hands on breaking news and latest trends. While digital media is an enduring reality of online existence, options like newsletters, flyers and books and brochures also help in competent marketing and promotion. It’s clear that the trend of people exploring other alternatives for news will continue and expand. In light of this, it is imperative for design practices and allied professionals to make good use of these platforms to share relevant news and connect with their followers.


That people are gathering their news across multiple platforms is a reminder about the importance of being on various platforms and connecting with followers there.Since each platform handles images and text differently, it is imperative to optimize your content differently for different networks and mediums like print, digital and social.

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