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S is For Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is the process of reaching out to varied audiences and hence acquiring visibility through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. There are various platforms that exist on the web world, but to begin with a Social Media Strategy in the design domain, only a few are crucial and almost all are inexpensive means of marketing.

How Social Media helps you Be Known© • By facilitating Brand recognition and awareness • Increasing Website traffic • Building online presence • A tool for networking, cultivating relationships, engagement and promoting discourse

• Promoting search engine optimisation (SEO)

The fact that they are fundamentally free of cost, is an added plus!

30 MINUTES OF SOCIAL MEDIA Everyday, keeps the creative professional live and gay! |

Facebook | Use it to share Thoughts, Ideas, Build a Brand Network and A large following. One of the oldest and the most popular social media platforms with the widest reach, Facebook is for all. A word of caution; be careful of its personal nature, spammers and spamming.

Twitter | An opinion platform, use it to voice the Brand thought and Build Brand leadership and Expertise. Also, it is a great way to connect to mass audiences on mainstream issues and hashtags.

Linkedin | A professional networking platform, Linkedin not only expands the actual professional network on a person-to person basis, but also enables People to voice their opinions and promote Leadership. One of the most credible platforms, sustained use ALWAYS aids in generating business.

Instagram | Image & Hashtag Heavy, this platform is extremely visual in nature and is great for designers to capture and showcase their designs in a single page. For the one who wants to let the work do the talking, its simple format and #hashtags, are quick and easy to generate engagement, popularity and interest.

Pinterest | Similar in visual nature to Instagram , this one captures the designer at heart, only in more detail. Through Boards, and pins (images), its a great way to showcase your portfolio online and of course, connect with other Pinners who will like and repin the same.

Google Plus/Blogger | Establishing its foundation on Google and Search Engine Indexing, simple presence on Google plus and blogger, enables the building up and indexing of your brand on search engines. Apart from networking and engagement, trust on this one, That is the real agenda.

In a world that thrives on Social Media today, it is crucial however to 'Leave the Lights on'! Build your own strategy, your own campaign, that communicates 'Your Design Brand & Portfolio'. While fundamental rules of the game do apply, there is no generic action plan. Remember to Only Engage and Stay focused on your audience. Here is our own A-Z of Social Media that will help you develop your plan!!

A- Advertising

B- Blogs

C- Campaigns, Community and communicate

D- Design your content

E- Email

F- Facebook

G- Google Plus

H- HootSuite etc.!

I- Instagram

J- Join

K- Keywords

L- Linkedin

M- Mobile Optimization

N- Newsletter

O- Optimize & Outreach

P- Pinterest

Q- Question

R- Recall


T- Twitter

U- Upload & Update

V- Vimeo for Videos

W- Website

X- Exude your brand

Y- Youtube

Z- Zeal

Some More Tips: • Content is king. What you post, matters and eventually facilitating overall communication strategy • Build and Maintain a consistent brand image and connect to audiences by Talking about your work regularly • Blog about your portfolio, design processes, thoughts and other initiatives including media to develop online presence and to increase visibility • Building linkages to other online platforms can help improve credibility • Use Strategic #hashtags to create a buzz • Google Analytics can be used as a great social media marketing tool that will help to measure and monitor online social media techniques

To Prevent the 'Out of sight- out of mind' syndrome, Online Social Media activity is a great way to be consistent. Even if people have engaged once with you on an online forum, the advantage is that will stay connected and hence, will keep getting updates.

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