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Good Design is Good Business

Design most often, is not considered a business.

Someone has famously said that architecture is a great profession and a terrible business. In today’s globalised world, markets are in constant motion and new business can be generated from multiple means. As architects, graphic designers, product designers or even artists, we are all inherently trained to let our work speak for itself. Stuck in the everyday rut of work, meetings, deadlines and ensuring the deliverance of good design, often we do not tap into our business strengths and how that can be a path to growth and success. Traditionally, most Indian designers and design practices steer away from communication activities that aid in generating business. In fact, we do not recognize that in this world of increasing competition, the success of a firm can simply be hinged on design communication.

The foremost challenge that most designers struggle with is the notion that good design speaks for itself and hence most professionals shy away, or simply do not bother to talk about their work and the ideas behind it. Of course, good design is fundamental to good business, but in the current scenario of technology and information overload, originality, innovation and creativity are simply lost in the deluge of the data that is produced globally. It is hence crucial to enhance visibility in a framework that follows global standards. Specifically in India, the absence of any permissible direct marketing activities means that the portfolio becomes the most critical piece of the practice puzzle.

The premise of communication activity begins with the intention for discourse, dialogue and exchange of design ideas. First, the designers allow their work to be curated to suit the various forms of media outreach. Second, this proliferation of good design in the media furthers the quality of our built environment by inspiring students and younger people in the profession, who have conventionally attached value only to savvy images and last, but not the least, it furthers the cause of design education by raising the bar, each time, a little bit. Success finds its way through this means of design discourse by communicating various media - Designers communicate their thought processes and how their designs are representative of their intentions. Ultimately, this has explicit impact on the evolution of contemporary Indian Architecture & Design.

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