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50 Amazing Homes in India

50 Amazing Homes sought to provide a platform to showcase the best of Indian Architecture to the world. The book has also been able to capture the design and thought processes of the great design minds, through interactive video codes that have been included in the book.

Published by Skyboard Media Pvt Ltd

The Modern Home | Luxury Design & Interiors in India

A compilation of 35 houses and apartments designed by significant Indian Architects and designers, this book is a unique blend of Luxury Design and Interiors, while aspiring and endeavouring to promote a new discourse in the realm of contemporary home design.

Published by Border Books

The Museum of Socialism | The Jayaprakash Narayan Interpretation Centre

The book is a momento that captures the valuable “takeaway” from the museum for those who wish to remember India’s most active proponent of Socialism, Jayaprakash Narayan.

Published by archohm consults


cadence architects | profile

Driven by the intent to conceive neoteric environments, create affective spaces and staging lifestyles, architecture (al) design at Cadence Studio strives to spawn various emotional responses and stage myriad lifestyles. Attempting to find beauty in the unfamiliar and achieving an affect of sensuality in design, the studio's work sensitively explores issues of regional culture, lifestyle and sentiments to address how people emotionally respond to architecture. 

Published by Cadence architects

Luxury Indian Interiors | Perspective of the new Indian Aesthetic

Documenting their work from the early years
of their practice, the team3 profile highlights
varied projects in the field of Planning,
construction, architecture and design. 

The Luxury Indian Interiors is a compilation, that paints a vivid picture of the current landscape of luxury residential interior architecture in India. A select collection of projects from across the length and breadth of the country, carefully curated, shine a light on the trends sweeping through the industry today.

Published by A&D Group

Addressing Agra | From the city to the Cobble

Agra as a fable and Agra as a fabric. The book narrates this story and the history; it documents an attempt to Address Agra. ‘A’dressing up of Agra from all scales. A physical holistic intervention to a rejuvenated Agra; right from the city to its last cobble.

Published by Uttar Pradesh Tourism


ATPL | profile

Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd. prides itself in its turnkey services of design, installation and commissioning of automation products that enable the creation of high- end interior spaces that are user-friendly, flexible, and use energy- saving technology.

Published by Anusha Group


mofa architects | profile

Previously known as Studio GSA (2002-2006), M:OFA studios Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2007 as a team of highly trained and determined Architects & Planners registered under the Council of Architecture with a global vision in Architecture, Design, Urban Planning and Urban Design. The vision of the company is the vision of every Individual in the company-to give a holistic approach to every project in the field of Architecture, Interiors and Urbanism.  

Published by M:OFA studios Pvt. Ltd.

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The Delhi High Court | Making of the New Complex 

This book solemnizes the completion of the New Courts Complex, The Delhi High Court. Commemorating the making of the new annexe, this book traces the history and backdrop of the Delhi High Court up to the current state.

Published by The Delhi High Court

group DCA | profile

The group DCA profile was launched to commemorate the firm’s 20 years presence in the industry. It aimed at capturing a myriad of projects varying from their first client to some of their most successful work, thus exemplifying their impeccable journey.

Published by group DCA

team 3 | profile

Documenting their work from the early years
of their practice, the team3 profile highlights
varied projects in the field of Planning,
construction, architecture and design.

Published by team3

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team 3 architects | newsletter

Published by team3